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The 10 most frequently-asked questions about the BBN.

  1. What is the Bettendorf Business Network (BBN)? The Bettendorf Business Network is an association of businesses, organizations and individuals working together to help businesses in the greater Bettendorf area succeed, to promote a vibrant business environment and to support civic improvement projects benefitting the broader community.
  2. What principles guide the Bettendorf Business Network? These principles guide BBN activity: We believe nothing remains more fundamental to the principles of American democracy, than the right of people to associate, organize and represent themselves. Through this common endeavor, we intend to enhance civic pride, identity and unity. Our goal will be to renew the volunteer spirit and promote local initiative and cooperation within our city.
  3. What goals does the Bettendorf Business Network hope to achieve? The strength of the Quad City region lies in the diversity and richness of its’ individual communities. Our goal will be to help local businesses succeed and improve the quality of life for all Bettendorf residents.
  4. What services will the Bettendorf Business Network offer its’ membership? The BBN intends to offer a full range of services associated with similar business organizations. Services will include educational opportunities relevant to area businesses, networking events, business advocacy and referral, joint marketing and communication efforts.
  5. Who may join the Bettendorf Business Network? Any business, organization or individual interested in the well being of the local business community and the City of Bettendorf, as a whole, is encouraged to apply for membership.
  6. What costs are associated BBN membership? Each year the board of directors will set a schedule of dues for members. Please contact an association member for the schedule.
  7. What are the benefits of BBN membership? The Bettendorf Business Network values and encourages local initiative and involvement. The benefit of membership is the ability to directly impact and improve the Bettendorf business climate and community. A member’s voice ought to be heard with new ideas welcome. We will bring voice and value to our membership.
  8. What distinguishes the Bettendorf Business Network from other business-related organizations in the Quad City area? The Bettendorf Business Network focuses on serving business needs and promoting civic improvement in the greater Bettendorf area. Our work complements other organizations, which either represent the Quad City regional development efforts or undertake capital intensive projects in the Bettendorf vicinity.
  9. Who leads the Bettendorf Business Network? The Bettendorf Business Network is an independent, not-for-profit corporation led by a volunteer board of directors and officers. The board is elected annually by the BBN membership at its’ annual meeting.
  10. What relationship will the BBN have with the City of Bettendorf and other Bettendorf community organizations? The Bettendorf Business Networks intends to cooperate with the City of Bettendorf and other community organization who desire to enhance business opportunities and the well being of area residents.